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Retailers are confronted with bigger challenges due to changing consumer behavior in shopping. The number of online shoppers is increasing at an exponential rate. The retail experience is expected to further change dramatically in the next 5-10 years and the main driver of this dramatic change is the smart phone technology.

To meet these challenges, retailers are reformatting their business models. Consumer-centricity is taking a top priority and applications are being intelligently designed as part of technology innovations that are transforming the retail landscape. The focus is on:

  • Ability to allow consumers to interact with the systems in real time to avail of the product options, competitive pricing and discounts, product comparisons, product auctions, instant credit card offerings, etc.
  • Ability to connect with partners and vendors in real-time to ensure efficient SCM, instant discount, product availability etc.

We at IPCS work collaboratively with retailers throughout the supply chain to maximize the business value of their technology investments. From understanding existing business processes through to defining improved new models to aid in aligning systems with processes.

IPCS is in the forefront of delivering technology frameworks that enable rapid deployment of next generation, innovative and smart digital retail applications driven by business process rules management (BPRM) engines. We bring patented software engines, methods and processes to deliver such solutions.

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IPCS Software Technology Platforms

WorkFinity® BPRM is service oriented architecture (SOA) based innovative software technology framework delivering next generation, smart and intelligent industry-specific enterprise applications.

Delivers next generation digital service
delivery framework for Healthcare Industry.
  • Claim processing
  • Health benefit, eligibility and plan processing
  • Next generation highly automated health exchange platform (government and private sector)
  • Workflow-rules-compliance engines
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