Digital Licensing System for Law
  Enforcement Agencies
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Next Generation Automated Digital Licensing System for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies

WorkFINITY® BPRM framework delivers next generation automated Licensing System specifically designed to meet the needs of the State Government Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies across the Country.

The framework allows building, configuring and deploying variety of Agency-specific Licensing applications (example - Firearms Licenses and Renewals) for approvals.

Using our BPRM technology framework, including highly flexible and configurable workflow, rules and partner/agency collaboration engines, instant messaging, alerts, role management, task management, API engine to interact with internal and external Agency applications, document and records management, simulation and deployment engines including dashboards, BI/Analytics, compliance management, and every other operational tool necessary for running and managing successful real-time Licensing Applications, WorkFINITY® solution is designed for faster configuration and deployment, high performance and function.

Available in the cloud or on-premises, WorkFINITY® framework for Firearm Licensing System is secure and scalable.

WorkFINITY® uses Microsoft .Net and MS SQL database technology.

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