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Business Process Transformation

Business process transformation aims to improve the efficiency of business operations by removing duplicate or unnecessary steps and automating as many processes as possible. It involves a radical rethink of what processes are and how they can best be executed.

IPCS's WorkFINITY® BPRM framework specifically designed for implementing business process management defines critical capabilities necessary for maximizing the value and impact of your BPRM software investment. Balance between the business domain, process disciplines and technology can be achieved by focusing on key areas that will ultimately push your organization to adopt new practice capabilities.

Understanding the leading disruptive trends in the business, the most transformative aspects of the process, the highest value technology areas, ability to launch new products and services faster, and more importantly ability to dynamically mange your business processes determines your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our Approach

We help clients in analyzing their needs for process redesign and identifying the applications and/or processes as candidates of choice for process improvements and reengineering. We then customize their business processes to suite their specific environments, linking these processes to critical business services. We also take esoteric concepts like IT architecture and boil it down to useable building blocks that can be implemented within a specific business and IT organization and culture. The key is practice and process adoption. From defining, creating and aligning IT services to the business to ongoing support and delivery of services, IPCS's customized delivery is focused on driving top down value throughout the client's organization.

We believe in creating quick incremental wins early in our engagements. Our prescriptive approach relies heavily on skilled facilitation and a structured approach for defining requirements, developing key process and validating outcomes with key stakeholders. Participation in validation sessions by both business and IT stakeholders is often encouraged and driven by IPCS, thereby creating a true alignment between the business and IT.

We offer turnkey solutions and full enterprise-scale development on a project basis, approaching work for each client with agility and energy today's competitive marketplace requires. Our effort for each such project involves:

  • Document and evaluate the process
  • Identify points of failure
  • Develop process improvement strategies
  • Define enhanced process flow
  • Implement process metrics
  • Implement procedures
  • Document improvement
  • Assist in technology integration & deployment

Often organizations are in a dilemma to choose the right enterprise application package, which meets their business requirements and also fits into their overall IT strategy. IPCS process consulting helps client select the right package by bringing in a team, which thoroughly understands the business as well as contemporary technology.


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency of applications
  • Higher return on investment
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improve product quality
  • Lower turnover rate of your best technicians

Value Proposition

We pride ourselves on our ability to fully engage our consultants and subject-matter-experts in determining the many factors in delivering each client a unique reengineered solution. We understand the expectations of today's executives, the need to deliver cost effective solutions and to do so in a way that takes full advantage of existing infrastructure and budgetary constraints. Our combined skills, knowledge and expertise in conducting process architecture, process management, and extensive technical and integration expertise comprise the value proposition IPCS offers for such business process reengineering projects.

IPCS Software Technology Platforms

WorkFinity® BPRM is service oriented architecture (SOA) based innovative software technology framework delivering next generation, smart and intelligent industry-specific enterprise applications.

Delivers next generation digital service
delivery framework for Healthcare Industry.
  • Claim processing
  • Health benefit, eligibility and plan processing
  • Next generation highly automated health exchange platform (government and private sector)
  • Workflow-rules-compliance engines
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