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LEAN and continuous improvement services

Over the last 10+ years our focus has been towards Agile, LEAN and continuous improvement project engagements. We have our own proprietary business process management technologies /software products that bring agility in the business and these technologies are based on LEAN/AGILE principals/methodologies.

IPCS assists clients in LEAN, LEAN Six Sigma, and Six Sigma projects as part of our collaborative consulting which includes Value Stream Mapping, DMAIC or Kaizen events, 5S projects, A3 events and implementation of other continuous improvement techniques. IPCS is also in the forefront of delivering next generation, business process rules management (BPRM) based technologies based on LEAN practices and methodology that empower organizations to rapidly build process-centric enterprise applications to achieve improved process efficiencies, quality and reduce waste.


We offer services of Program Facilitator(s) to design and facilitate the LEAN meetings, work in consultation with clients to strengthen the group as well as achieve content objectives.

The collaborative consulting relationship is characterized by two-way communication, shared decision-making, open discussion, and joint data collection and analysis. Details of the consultation are worked out in discussions with the client. The focus areas include-Strategic and operational planning, Team building Process analysis and improvement, Developing benchmarks and metrics, Managing change Leadership presence, On-boarding new team members or leaders, and improving workplace culture Engaging employees

We offer services of LEAN experts to firm up coaching relationships, deliver customized on-site training solutions to meet the specific needs for any business.

WorkFinity® BPRM Framework

IPCS delivers WorkFinity® BPRM framework for building next generation, smart and automated enterprise applications based on LEAN and Agile methodologies. Our Agile methodology factors real world facts of life that any software application will age, a compelling need for business processes to change considering the changing business dynamics / customer needs / market changes etc. Hence it is imperative to be able to continuously adapt IT/software applications that will ensure they stay evergreen and provide continued sustainable business value over the years. This is where we believe Agile's value proposition really makes a difference.

At times, depending upon the nature of enterprise transition to Agile, we also emphasize individuals and interactions over processes and tools. However, traditional development tools do not have the seamless integration and key features essential to support an Agile development process. The promise of Agile cannot be fully recognized without enabling technology that shortens delivery cycles and increases software development agility, project predictability, responsiveness to business change and overall development team productivity.

As with every methodology, we use a set of best practices that need to be religiously followed to ensure project success:

  • Scoping/Sizing the real business needs
  • The importance of getting the right users involved
  • Involving the trainers in the agile process
  • Balancing new functionality with usability

Our LEAN subject-matter-experts (SMEs) and consultants bring extensive experience in LEAN transformation involving facilitation, process analysis and redesign, consulting and training expertise. We are committed to provide customer satisfaction through commitment and highest standards of service.

IPCS Software Technology Platforms

WorkFinity® BPRM is service oriented architecture (SOA) based innovative software technology framework delivering next generation, smart and intelligent industry-specific enterprise applications.

Delivers next generation digital service
delivery framework for Healthcare Industry.
  • Claim processing
  • Health benefit, eligibility and plan processing
  • Next generation highly automated health exchange platform (government and private sector)
  • Workflow-rules-compliance engines
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