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Application Outsourcing
Adapt to the rapid technology advancements
IPCS has proven capabilities in application development services. Our application outsourcing
model helps our clients achieve flexibility, scalability, quality and a reduced time-to-market.
IPCS has a defined process and methodology in place for implementing projects.

In an effort to reduce costs and focus on core business objectives today's businesses are rightsizing. Many companies today are outsourcing software development and maintenance. Application development outsourcing helps organizations adapt to the rapid technology advancements and evolving business processes. Outsourcing software development helps them fulfill their need for newer customized solutions or transformation of existing systems to state-of-the-art environments, while retaining the embedded business processes, rules and logic.

Our mission is to make Application Outsourcing Services (AOS) efficient and cost-effective for our clients. IPCS offers flexible delivery options for AOS that scale to client requirements. These options include:

  • Performing and delivering work offsite from IPCS office facility in Minneapolis; and
  • Performing and delivering work offshore, significantly reducing your costs.

Each of the delivery options can be used in a combination to match your requirements and processes. We will work with you to identify the best way to deliver the solution you need.

Adapting to new technology advancements in underlying application infrastructure and successful application development and deployment remains the primary challenges for organizations, worldwide. In addition, IT faces the challenge of stringent budgets and aggressive timelines for any development initiative.

All this calls for adopting strategies that provide maximum flexibility and effective techniques to manage applications early in the development stages and ensure a long and productive application life. As an application development outsourcing partner, IPCS can deliver benefits beyond cost savings.

IPCS Software Technology Platforms

WorkFinity® BPRM is service oriented architecture (SOA) based innovative software technology framework delivering next generation, smart and intelligent industry-specific enterprise applications.

Delivers next generation digital service
delivery framework for Healthcare Industry.
  • Claim processing
  • Health benefit, eligibility and plan processing
  • Next generation highly automated health exchange platform (government and private sector)
  • Workflow-rules-compliance engines
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