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Healthcare industry is under greater business transformation. The industry is facing tremendous uncertainty given the regulatory nature and with the passage of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the business landscape of the healthcare companies is changing forever. Focus on ways healthcare will be purchased through State and Federal Health Exchanges, how members will apply and interact with their health plans, and what organizations need to do to be compliant with new healthcare regulations demand an aggressive new approach to healthcare service delivery.

An ability to compete in a consumer-driven market place where health insurance companies compete in real-time for the consumer business will require new strategies for attracting and retaining customers.

From technology perspectives it means ability to offer robust, scalable and sustainable insurance exchange platforms which empower both the provider and the payer to interact in real-time with minimal human interface. Ability for small businesses, employees and individuals to qualify and receive multiple instant competitive plan offers from the participating healthcare insurance providers is the key to this service delivery.

IPCS is in the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art, automated Health Exchange platform(s) which employ an innovative architecture in combination with our proprietary software engines for rapid configuration and deployment. Our ready-to-be-deployed Health Exchanges are available for 'test drive' and can be configured in days to make them state-specific - resulting in millions of dollars of savings to federal and state governments, and private sector healthcare institutions.

HEALTH-FINITY - next generation automated HealthXchange Platform

  • An intelligent technology platform employing Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) in combination with proprietary WorkFINITY® BPRM technology delivering highly automated and scalable HealthXchange.
  • A rapid application deployment platform built on unique concept, patented processes and software engines enabling faster launch of new health plans, products and services.
  • A state-of-the-art platform where participating healthcare providers compete in real-time and system generating competitive health plans for qualified consumers.
  • An advanced real-time system enabling participating healthcare providers to respond dynamically to any changing regulatory mandate.

Other Target Applications

  • Healthcare Claim Processing
  • Health Benefit, Eligibility and Plan processing
  • Healthcare Workflow-Rules-Compliance Engines
  • Workflow-driven Document & Records Management System
  • Other Healthcare Applications-specific to requirements

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