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"WorkFinity® BPRM technology is an enterprise platform designed to deliver PROCESS-CENTRIC, RULES-BASED, NEXT GENERATION, SMART applications for any industry."

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Today's business needs are very demanding. Organizations around the world are striving to be more agile to better respond to change and new opportunities. To achieve success - process improvement and innovation is key. The focus is on customers, business strategies and partner collaborations, where business processes are realigned to migrate to a customer-centric model.

Customer Demands

Customers have come to expect, and demand, real-time information, and instant transactions - regardless of whether the interface is Web/Voice/Wireless-based. Immediate response is mandatory in the new business environment. Customers want 24x7 access, faster processing and instant responses. Although many companies would like to provide real-time services, they don't possess the technology to make it practical and profitable.

Business Demands

This paradigm has pushed enterprises to transform their business processes to a new environment. This means overcoming the traditional business and technology limitations including elimination of paper-intensive practices, inefficient and disjointed processes and rigid systems with hard-coded, decentralized rules, which together have contributed to escalating costs and longer than necessary processing cycles.

Compelling Reasons for Business Transformation

Changing Business Drivers
  • Customer Demands
  • Intense Internal and External competition
  • Growing product / service liability
  • Faster launch of new products/services
  • Mandated transparency - SOX, Compliance
  • High customer acquisition & retention
  • Cheaper and cost-effective operations
  • Better business models

Technology Limitations
  • Application delivery based on traditional functions / feature approach
  • Processes are fragmented, compartmentalized and un-integrated
  • Systems with no framework for Software Agility
  • Massively integrating infrastructures
  • Too much dependence on IT - a costly effort

Workfinity® BPRM based solutions

We believe business agility and competitive advantage are only realized with the careful synchronization of a clearly articulated business strategy, precise analysis and expedient execution. The strategy of an organization must be explicitly linked to and, in turn, executed through its business processes.

Workfinity® BPRM framework / technology delivers next generation automated digital services delivery platform for any industry application. Built on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) with patented software engines and processes our technology framework enables faster development and deployment of both transaction and non-transaction oriented applications.

Building next generation innovative service delivery platforms involve high degree of process management, robust application architecture, and faster software engines for compliance and interoperability.

WorkFinity® BPRM is a rapid deployment platform, which provides an accelerated path to aligning your processes and rules, allowing you to test and simulate processes in real-time. The resulting solution brings process transparency, reduces the operating costs and increases business performance.

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